Q1: May I use explicit or implicit data-preprocessing methods, particularly for texts?
A1: Yes. You may use WRT, starNT and other transforms.
Q2: Are there any restriction for the compiler?
A2: You can only use any compiler or other development tools, but it must be included in the virtual machine provided to the contestants. You can not install any extra packege on that image.
Q3: May I store dictionaries and similar prior-knowledge data in the compressor?
A3: Yes, as long as your compressor still meets the size limit.
Q4: May I send two builds of my program, one for Windows and one for Linux, to see which one is faster?
A4: No. This year we will only allow software to be build to run in the public virtual machine provided by the organization of the contest.
Q5: May I modify the virtual machine provided by the organization?
A5: You may use the provided virtual machine for compiling and testing your submission. You are not allowed to modify and re-distribute the provided image. You are not allowed to tamper with the platform employed for evaluating the submissions. UPDATE: Participants are allowed to update the public VM. However these modifications will not be moved to the evaluation platform.
Q6: It is important the size of the compressor and decompressor software?
A6: Yes, the size of the submission can be important for your ranking. Please check the evaluation rules for details on how this size is accounted for when evaluating submissions.
Q7: How many prizes can I win?
A7: For one task: one contestant can only win one prize. But, for different tasks: one contestant can take prize at the same time.